Cotton Candy was fist found and manufactured by confectioner in Kocaeli’s Kandıra district. The manufacturing continued by an Armenian shopkeeper named Hacı Agop. Ibrahim Çınar from İzmit, learned how to make Cotton Candy and maintained in İzmit. As the years passed, manufacturing Cotton Candy pressed forward and became irreplaceable for the area. Burak Pişmaniye has taken working in qualified, clean, hygienic conditions on as a duty since its inception. Burak Pişmaniye, which always out- innovates, first launched their chocolate covered little Cotton Candy balls named Candy and then Saray Helvası with chocolate. Burak Pişmaniye is a Cotton Candy producer which has 700 m2 indoor area today. A great number of experienced staff, sympathized with our quality, are working in our company. Burak Pişmaniye brand also has brand registration. Burak Pişmaniye within İzmit and apart from sales points all across Turkey, also exports. Our company targets production by paying sufficient attention to hygiene and continuing production by following technological advancement as of today.