Cotton Candy wire known as candy. This dessert is very famous in the Kocaeli province. Kocaeli in all regional festivals and feast is one of the indispensable food.

The original has provided a kind of sweet lightness of being and the search for the pişmaniye the provinces and interested in seeing the outside. Margarine, vanilla (depending on the type of cocoa), citric acid, sugar, flour and water are made. Until it dissolved into the network to make gms sugar, after freezing is brought to a largely annular shape. Put on a large tray fed roasted flour to the melted butter. Then a few people standing around the tray starts to turn over the ring in the form of flour on the network. After each turn of the ring shape is inserted into the network again. And so with all the network's yedirilince to the tray, it continues until you enter the network wire candy form.

Attention is given to break the network when dialing. 140 011 a year, although the exact date is unknown Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror made his home folks come together on cold winter days before the conquest of Istanbul was seen as quite cumbersome name mentioned with reference to the various types of research on this sweet. Eskişehir in pişmaniye the (wire) is of a type known as meth or even candy is still continuing today; Kastamonu region (withdrawal) is known as known as the continued withdrawal candy today.

Of social and cultural activities it is made even more production is currently around Izmit that pişmaniye who made the palace halva name once widespread in the palace, as was done in the Ottoman era house is rumored to have left the hands of that period.

This dessert, which is really troublesome construction in various regions of Anatolia sometimes can not be secured; Due to the damage by removing "regret Dessert" it is rumored to be called. Most recent naming as the "regret eating dessert." said to be "Pişmaniye" is in line with the decree of the Sultan in the 1601-1611 year, and soon came to Izmit region has learned from the Armenian emphasis on trade relations that blends in well with the locals master.